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Theme para Nokia N9

Si sois de esos que aun teniendo un móvil diferente como Nokia N9, necesitáis personalizarlo, aquí os dejo un theme interesante(me encanta el rojo):

Fuente: http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=80655


F2thaK Dezigns would like to announce:
“Faster, Darker, Better” Theme Pack for the Nokia N9!Click HERE for Screenshots![Compatible with All PR Updates Including PR1.3]

This is a set of dark themes, similar to the standard theme, but have constant dark Backgrounds and light Fonts across every possible Application including the Virtual Keyboard.
The themes also have custom faster transitions; changes to the status bar and menu, applications including Messages, Mail, Phone, Calendar and Clock; plus more!
It includes my Clock UI MODFaster Transitions MODStandby Screen MOD and Phone UI MOD.

You have 4 colours to choose from:
– Original (Similar to standard, but all Dark Grey)
– Blue (Dark Blue)
– Green (Dark Green)
– Red (Dark Blood Red)


If you install it incorrectly, it will NOT work – PLUS it will mess up the standard theme AND you will need to do a manual restore or flash your device!!!
If you do not know what flashing is and/or are unable to do it yourself – WAIT until it is released in DEB format.


Current Changes to Default theme:

– Faster Transitions (About twice as fast)
– Phone UI: Larger Avatar & Main Buttons + Rearrangement
– Shortened duration of SMS/IM/Call/USB Notifications
– Different coloured Fonts, Buttons, Headers, Navigation Bars, Toolbars, Backgrounds and more
– Phone app: Outgoing Call Icon, Toolbar Icons, Dialer button text colour
– Messaging app: Message Input Background, New Message Toolbar Icon, Add Attachment button, Message Bubbles
– Mail app: New Message Toolbar Icon fix
– Notes app: Splash screen fix
– Contacts app: New Message, Chat, Phone & Address Icon fix
– Clock app: Major restyle, including Clock face & splash screen
– Updates app: Refresh Button colour to White
– Conversations app: Messaging bubbles to Light Grey & Dark Grey outlines
– Mail app: toolbar, including icons
– Feeds app: splash screen
– Notes app: splash screen
– Documents app: splash screen
– Search app: splash screen
– Virtual Keyboard: Completer, Magnifier, Wordtracker, Toolbar Action Key, Completer List, Editor Magnifier, Handwriting, Text Editor Mode, Magnifier & Terminal Toolbar
– List backgrounds
– Text frame
– Page Indicator
– Panel
– Navigation Toolbar
– Toolbar icons
– Action menu
– Sheet
– Separator
– Spinner Loading Animation used in Applications app colour to white
– Removed Nokia Boot video (see below)
– Coloured “MeeGo” Booting Logo
– Volume level indicator during call colour to green
– Media Volume level indicator colour to green
– Statusbar Missed Call Icon colour to Red
– Statusbar SMS Icon colour to Green
– Statusbar MMS Icon colour to Green
– Standby screen icons colour tweak – SMS, MMS & Chat: Green; Phone & Voicemail: Red; Email: Blue

(present in current version)

– Phone app: Call info only partially visible and End button off-centre
– Minor graphic glitch in clock app (in alarm time setting screen)
– Button graphic glitch
– Store app toolbar icons too dark
– Changing themes can cause a bug which may cause the emoticons to corrupt and show as orange squares. There seems to be a solution to this. See here.

Please report any bugs or requests in this thread.


– Version 5.2: Blood Red
– Version 4.7: Ocean Blue / Blood Red
– Version 4.3
– Version 1.1
– Version 1.0


Click HERE for screenshots

*Theme may not work as intended if install script is not used*
Remove any older versions using remove script before installing!

1. – Go into Settings > Applications > Installations and enable the option shown.
2. – Enable “Developer Mode” (In Settings > Security) and install the prompted dependencies.
3. – Download Installer zip file and extract to PC. (Links to Downloads at very top of post and in ‘Changelog’ section.)
4. – Connect N9 to PC using USB Mass Storage and copy the folder(s) of desired flavour(s) to root directory.
5. – Open the “Terminal” app and type:


6. – Theme will be installed and device will automatically reboot to apply theme. If you wish to re-apply theme if its already installed, see below.

To revert to default theme:

1. – Open Terminal app and type:


2. – Device will automatically reboot to apply theme.

To Re-apply theme:

1. – Open Terminal app and type:


2. – Device will automatically reboot to apply theme.


– Blanco Theme
– Emoticons How to restore


v6.1 (28/2/12)
– Script fixes
– “Nokia Boot Video still showing” bug fixed
– Dialer: “Button text too close” bug fixed
– Lockscreen: “Time & Date too close” bug fixed

v6.0 (22/2/12)
– Script fixes
– Removed Nokia boot video

v5.2 (12/1/12)
– Added Read Me to Installer Download zip file
– All Flavours: Script fixes
– All Flavours: Minor fixes
– Red Flavour Only: Toolbar tweak
– Red Flavour Only: Header tweak
– All Flavours: Each Flavour can be installed alongside one another
– All Flavours: Scripts fixes
– All Flavours: Removed Orientation tweaks
– All Flavours: “Loading Spinner in Applications app is black again” Bug Fixed
– All Flavours: Each have own New Coloured Icon as shown in Theme Changer app
– Blue & Green Flavours: Standby Clock Colour tweak
– Red Flavour only: Navigation Bar tweak
– Green Flavour only: Clock app: Alarm background tweak

v4.7 (11/1/12)
– All Flavours: Fixed install / remove scripts
– All Flavours: “Theme not applying properly” Bug Fixed
– All Flavours: “Clock app not working properly/at all” Bug Fixed
– All Flavours: Action Menu background tweak
– All Flavours: List tweak
– All Flavours: Clock app: Clock Face tweak
– All Flavours: Splash screens tweak
– Blue, Green & Original Flavours: Standby Screen Clock font colour tweak
– Blue, Green & Red Flavours: Header tweak, blue, green
– Blue, Green & Red Flavours: Clock app: Alarm background tweak

v4.6 (2/1/12)
– All Flavours: Added “Phone UI MOD”
– Blue, Green & Red Flavours: Header colour tweaks
– Blue, Green & Red Flavours: Message Input Background tweaks
– Blue, Green & Red Flavours: Analog Clock Face colour tweaks
– Blue, Green & Red Flavours: Clock Menu Background Colour tweaks

v4.5 (1/1/12)
– Fixed install/uninstall scripts
– New Flavour: “Green”
– Blue Flavour only: Messaging Bubbles colour tweak
– Red Flavour only: Messaging Text Input background tweak

v4.4 (31/12/11)
– New Flavour: “Blue”
– Added “Standby Screen MOD
– Added Rotation Sensitivity MOD
– Red Flavour only: Clock style tweak
– Red Flavour only: Header colour tweak
– Red Flavour only: Messaging Bubbles colour tweak
– Original Flavour only: Header colour tweak

v4.3 (29/12/11)
– Added auto reboot command to install/uninstall scripts
– Messaging Add Attachment button fix
– “Meego” Boot Logo not showing Bug Fixed
– New flavour: Blood Red

v4.2 (29/12/11)
– Install/Uninstall script update (including removing “/sbin/initctl restart xsession/mthome” command)
– Clock app: Crashes when recurring alarms set Bug Fixed
– Default Splash screens showing Bug Fixed
– Reverted Spinner Loading Animation to default colour, apart from 32px size
– Arrow Button Icons tweak (As used in Clock and Store apps)
– Standby screen icons colour tweak – SMS, MMS & Chat: Green; Phone & Voicemail: Red; Email: Blue

v4.1 (26/12/11)
– Added “Return to Default Theme” script
– Clock app: styling tweaks
– Updates app: Changed Refresh Button colour to White
– Changed Statusbar Missed Call Icon colour to Red
– Changed Statusbar SMS Icon colour to Green
– Changed Statusbar MMS Icon colour to Green
– Changed black Loading Spinner Animations to white

v4.0.2 (25/12/11)
– Install/apply script, no longer need to use Theme Changer
– Contacts app: Chat, Phone & Address Icon fix

Id like to say THANK YOU to the following members:
– sidius (Donator)
– thedead1440 (Donator/Development)
– marxian (Development)
– Saturn (Development)
– hoggerz (Development)


Last edited by F2thaK; 07-26-2012 at 06:51 AM. Reason: Fixes


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