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Backup Menú para Nokia N9

FUENTE: http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=86957

Backup Menu N9 & N950 v 1.0

WARNING ! I do not accept any responsibility for this app! its Worked On My N9 , i think it worked on your device !
Please First : Read Post #1
Working On : N9 ( tested By me ) and N950 ( Tested By MAX9 )
Sorry For My bad English , Sorry For any bad spelling in this thread or in app
if using my app plz feedback here and like this post , i want know how many pepole using my app
if you see any thing plz say me to correct these
( All Programin of this app writed from first by me , because the App On N900 Not Good Running in N9 )
This App is a Port From Backup Menu N900 By RobbieThe1st ( very thanks RobbieThe1st for Your App and answer my questions )
And Very Thanks From Juiceme For release “evtap”
Also Tester : MAX9 & …

v 1.0 Functions :

* Backuping AND Restoring the root file system ( Rootfs )
* Backuping AND Restoring the Home Partition ( /home )
* Backuping AND Restoring the Nitdroid Folder ( /home/nitdroid )
Base Functions ( Backup AND Restore ROOTFS WORKED FULLY ) Next Update fix the gui and other functions

Next Update :

* Full Backup ( Rootfs & Home ) Enabled !
* Full Restore ( Rootfs & Home From a Full Backuped ) Enabled !

__________________________________________________ ____

Compatibility With Nitdroid And Sillyboot
__________________________________________________ ____

Before Installing This APP !!!


This App Needed Openmode Kernel ! so if you Not installed it , you can use this Tutorial http://forum.nitdroid.com/index.php?topic=241.0
And ONLY Do these :

1. run following command in shell (as user) : ( For Dont See Preventing display Scary Warranty Void message )
disclaimer-cal remove View-openmode

3 . Prepare for openmode ( this Step REMOVE ALL YOUR Accounts !!!! )

4. Flashing to dualboot kernel
My Multiboot :
You Must Use my multiboot because the Sillyboot menu or juicemenu not support my app

__________________________________________________ ____

Download :

v 1.0 _3 (2012-09-27 ) ( Some Bug Fixed )

__________________________________________________ ____

Installations :

Download Backupmenu ( I Puted the My Multiboot and Backupmenu One a tar file )
And Put It On MyDocs
if you installed older version dont delete it , only again do this step
Execute following command in terminal ( as root better is SSH over USB or Wlan)


And Now , You Can Reboot and see the multiboot menu
touch the Backup Icon in up left
after 49 s if you dont choose any boot menu , it booted Meego

__________________________________________________ ___
– For Use My App First You Must Know its a Touch App ! this esay than Keyboard BUT Any Wrong Choose Maybe You Lose your data or unbootabel device so Very Be Careful
– Your N9 Must have More 50% Battery , the app not showed any error or warning , but maybe phone turned of when on Restoring or Backuping

– For First Use : Backup Home ! And Reboot phone , Boot Meego . Use mass storage mode , and see the files in dir “Backupmenu” in MyDocs , open it , if File is Ok , test the restore mode of Home
After this test Rootfs ( maybe some things in my n9 deffrent with other n9 )

– the backup and restore rootfs process in Minimum of time take 3 or 5 minutes
– in first version you can only backup the rootfs and home and nitdroid folder
– you can backup how much you want but for restore only ” 5 ” the first backup can choosed !for example if you have five backup on mydoc , and now you do new backup , the app for restore show the all backup it can display on screen , but you have only 5 choose ( five first backup ! and last backup can not be to choose ! ) ( this is a bug , if i can fixed it later )
– Backup Menu N9 Worked if you dont modify the /sbin/preinit /opt/backupmenu and /opt/multiboot files
– in the Start Menu the button B and R and Q Now working , other not working
– B for Backup and R for restore
– in both of menu Backup and Restoring , the Backup All ( rootfs and home ) and the Restore all ( rootfs and home ) not , i fix next version
all backup Stored in MyDocs/Backupmenu/
– Not tested on N950

I Tested My App For Some times after the Restoring Full Worked
BUT ! if any body can, test it and feedback here


a Way to Restore your backup if the phone not booted or multiboot not worked
Using a linux Pc
do these actions step by step

1- Install flasher for your linux
2- Download this file N9.zip and put on your pc
3- open terminal
4- cd to dir of these files
5- type this command ( as root )


now after a min , all partitions on N9 ( rootfs home mydoc ) showed like a usb flash on linux ( if these not showed , you must using ” fdisk -l ” to know whats the addres of N9 partitions on your pc , and mount these )

For Backup : ( in terminal Linux PC )
6- cd to /media/rootfs ( locations of rootfs partition on my PC )
7- type


in end of this command is ” . ”

FOR Restore : ( in terminal Linux PC )
do step 4 & 5


this way is good way for first test of my app


Images :

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