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Proyecto – Siri para Nokia N9 – Mee42

Fuente: http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=86973

Cuando un propietario de un N900 / N9 habla de las posibilidades de su equipo, la gente lo tacha de auténtico loco, simplemente porque no tiene “tropecientos” procesadores o no abre el navegador tan rápido como los últimos modelos…

Un proyecto que intenta crear nuestro propio “Siri” para Maemo / Meego, en una plataforma tan criticada porque ha quedado “obsoleta”, o eso dicen, demuestra que puede durar muchos años.

Me parece muy interesante:

Some months ago a friend was really impressed by Google Now, a kind of answering machine on Android, more or less equivalent to Apple’s Siri or whatever it is called. Looking at some demonstration videos on youtube i saw everything i needed to get the below shell script finished. By the way, it works pretty well for me. Feel free to use it, modify and optimize it, print and eat it to become one with the code

About Mee42
Essentially the shell script works as follows: Record audio from mic & convert to flac format -> Google Voice API for speech recognition -> do some text manipulations here and there -> get an answer from wiki.answers.com -> read the answer using espeak.

About GUI discussions, N900/N9 versions etc
My aim was to share the script as a proof of concept so that the community can profit from it as soon as possible. Taixzo who develops Saera, a Siri clone with GUI which is available for the N900, integrates the essential ideas into his app. The best thing to do now is to support him by voting for Saera in 2012’s Coding competition. With a N9/N950 in his hands the chances are even better to see a Harmattan port of Saera.


  • Changelog version 0.3.1 (25.09.2012), mee42_v0.3.1.sh:
    • Fixed potential issue when N9’s GSM/UMTS network is used: Now the answer file ${file_prefix}.html is handled correctly when line breaks are missing.
    • Minor code changes like ‘about’ information.
  • Changelog version 0.3 (24.09.2012), mee42_v0.3.sh:
    • Added voice feedback before/after recording (thanks to bingomion for requesting this)
    • Added voice command to exit the loop: ‘exit’, ‘quit’ or ‘stop’ exits the loop now (again thanks to bingomion for requesting this)
  • Changelog version 0.2 (23.09.2012), mee42_v0.2.sh:
    • Renamed 42^infinity to Mee42
    • Runs now on the N9
    • Replaced arecord + flac with gst-launch.
    • Get rid of vi(m) command.
    • Several minor changes for code readability.
  • Initial release from 23.09.2012 can be found here mee42_v0.1.sh

Output of a single (!) terminal session


Shell Script Version V0.3.1



  • N9
    You will need to install the debian packages mentioned in the script, i hope the below list is complete:

    • wget should be available from Nokia’s default repository, install it via ‘apt-get install wget’
    • Download and install gstreamer0.10-tools from Harmattan’s repository using ‘dpkg -i’ on your device.
    • Save the shell script to your N9 as mee42.sh, do a ‘chmod u+x mee42.sh’ and run it via ‘./mee42.sh’.
  • N900
    • Should be easier as all debian packages should be available on extras. Note that you need to install in addition gstreamer0.10-flac
  • Desktop
    • Try to switch to alsasrc for recording with gst-launch if pulsesrc is not available.

As always have fun.


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4 comentarios

  1. Lo has instalado?

  2. Patrizio Bruno

    few time ago I release Just-ask for Nokia N9. It’s not exactly a Siri clone, but it can do some task if you kindly ask what you want it to do: make phone calls, send messages/mails, search places nearby, search on google, record voice notes. You can find it at http://store.ovi.com/content/346195

    Best regards,
    Patrizio Bruno

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